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How To Hook Up Logitech X-530 Speakers To Your TV

If you purchased your Logitech X-530 Speakers from, you may have noticed that it came with an interesting white star-shaped adapter that doesn't come with any other retailer's X-530 speakers. This ingenious little device allows you to connect your 5.1 Surround Sound speakers to practically any stereo output source!

If you didn't purchase your X-530 speakers from us, don't fret, you can purchase the star-shaped adapter here! Whether you take advantage of our indepth movie on hooking up the Logitech X-530 or follow the simple steps below, HDEtron is here to set you on the fast track to enhancing your TV, Movie, and gaming experience Logitech X-530 style!

Tools Needed:

  • No Special Tools Needed
  • Steps:

    1.) Connect each speaker to the corresponding color coded output on the back of the subwoofer.
    2.) Connect the three green, black, and orange 3.5mm audio connectors coming from the front right control speaker to the white star-shaped adapter.
    3.) Connect the red and white "RCA style" audio connectors to the audio output connectors on the back of your TV. Alternatively, if your TV has a 3.5mm "Headphone Jack" style audio out connector, you may use the white 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to hook the white star shaped adapter to your TV.
    4.) Power on your TV and the X-530 speakers and adjust the volume to the desired listening level.
    5.) Some TV's may require you to enable the audio out connectors in your TV's onscreen menu.