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How To Connect A USB Keyboard & Mouse To Your Android Tablet or Phone

Have you ever wished you could plug your tablet computer into a computer monitor or HDTV, and use it with a full-sized keyboard and mouse just like a full sized computer? As Andoird tablet computers become more and more powerful every day, the ability to connect everyday peripherals to your tablet can be a valuable asset to the mobile or even the home user. If you are the proud owner of one of the rocket fast Android Tablets or even certain Android phones that comes with an HDMI port and USB-OTG enabled USB port, this article will help you take full advantage of their incredible prowess

Items Needed:

  • USB OTG Compatible Android Tablet or Phone
  • Micro-USB OTG Adapter or Mini-USB OTG Adapter
  • Powered USB Hub (Optional)
  • Steps:

    1.) Verify that your Android Tablet or Phone supports USB OTG.
    2.) Most Android devices have a Micro-USB or Mini-USB port, so you will need the appropriate OTG Adapter to connect a full sized USB cable to the device. Please select the appropriate adapter for your tablet or phone, Micro-USB OTG Adapter or Mini-USB OTG Adapter.
    3.) Connect the USB OTG adapter to your keyboard or mouse and plug it into the Android device. Your device should recognize the keyboard or mouse automatically. Some devices like gaming controllers or memory sticks require a 3rd party app to function properly.
    4.) If you wish to connect a keyboard and mouse at the same time we recommend using a compatible wireless combo such as the Logitech MK320. Alternatively you will need to connect a powered USB hub to the USB OTG adapter in order to connect two or more devices to your Android Phone or Tablet.
    5.) Connect your Android device to the HDMI input of your HDTV or computer monitor to complete the full-sized computer experience.